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Adding a touch of glass …

Posted by on August 25, 2014

Our next collaboration is adding a touch of glass to our turnings, exploring the potential of combined mediums has been our passion for some time. We have finally began to make it happen! Inspired by classes taken by turner Eric Saperstein a few years ago at East Falls Glassworks in Philadelphia, we are working with Master Glassblower Nikolaj Christensen.

A few videos provide an insight into the world of glass blowing; an art form so drastically different than turning! You’ll have to keep watch to see how we work to combine these unique mediums into a single piece.


An interview with Nik …

Showing off the skills and technique of two masters …

For a window into the raw experience of a choreographed chaos of movement check this out … the coral reef project is a collaboration of artists that must all work in tandem, series, parallel, and as a team focused on the creation of one piece. The attention to detail dancing flames shows how complex this form of artwork can be. Listen to the commands, and observe the execution and technique. The fusion of art and artist must be perfect or the entire piece can be lost in a single misstep. Having been there (Eric took a few classes a while back) its intense! Shown without edits, as live as it gets without being next to the heat. As soon as we get some images of the finished piece we’ll share!


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